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†  "I was referred to Kathy in April of 2014 after seeing a local Napro physician for the first time.  I had charted my cycles before but was new to the Creighton Method.  At the time I scheduled the Intro Session with Kathy,I had experienced a decline in health the past 2 years and had been turned away from many doctors in that time with lots of drugs thrown at me and very little answers.  I had a history of heavy and painful menstrual cycles and infertility.  I had self treated my PCOS for more than 13 years and had two beautiful children through the grace of God but my physical and mental health had deteriorated so dramatically that I was finding it difficult to care for my family.   I woke up in pain most days and exhausted after 12-14 hours of sleep.  I was constantly sick with infections, stomach upsets, and severe anxiety that became dangerously agoraphobic and robbed my children of their Mother and my life of so much joy.  I felt imprisoned in a body that could not function. Many times, my poor husband was a single parent due to my illness. 
Kathy assured me in the first session that there was help for me.  It was the first time I'd heard that in years.  As my husband and I committed to learning the Creighton Method of charting, we felt very overwhelmed but completely trusting in the Method and Kathy's instruction.  Kathy was very patient, answering every single question we had, sometimes more than once.  She listened without judgment.  She truly cares about her clients and wants to make sure there is a firm understanding of the Creighton Method and how to apply it, whether you are trying to conceive or trying to restore hormonal health.  I looked forward to each follow up for her input on on my cycles as well as the morale boost she offered each time we chatted. The Creighton Method of charting is so much more than tracking menstrual cycles.  It is a fantastic diagnostic tool for discovering underlying issues in a woman's reproductive cycle that no lab test can duplicate.  It provides an ongoing record of a woman's reproductive health.  I thought I had a good handle on my fertility and hormones.  But until I began charting with the CM, I was clueless!  
Our marriage has benefited in countless ways since we began using the Creighton Method.  There is more conversation, more connection and more intimacy than before.  The chart hanging on our bathroom wall is not merely a record of days of intimacy or notations of ovulation.  It has been the ultimate tool in correcting many underlying hormonal imbalances as well as seeing my health restored! I am 6 months in to Napro Treatment and Creighton charting and on a new treatment path that has already revitalized my health.  I was suffering so much with my cycles and an undiagnosed thyroid problem that is now being corrected with the help of my charts.
This week I had a follow up with Kathy after not talking with her for 3 months. We chatted about how dramatically BETTER I was.  She could hear it in my voice.  She could see it in my charts:)  I cannot emphasize enough the great blessing that Kathy and her expertise has been to my family.  They needed their Mommy back.  My husband needed his wife back.  I am getting there, slowly, but surely.  
The investment of our time and money into learning the Creighton Method has been worth each moment and each penny a thousand times over.  I will recommend it to each and every woman I know who is struggling with underlying hormonal issues or infertility.  My husband and I have both remarked in the past 3 months since beginning further treatment with our Napro physician that we did not know how terribly ill I was until I began feeling better!  If you want to invest in your health there is no better investment of your time and money than learning the Creighton Method.  Whether you are in your child bearing years or well past, you deserve to have a reproductive system that is healthy and works efficiently.  When it does not, there is help! Learning the Creighton Method is the first step and we are so glad we made it."
-  Brenda and Che L.
  "My wife and I were first introduced to Kathy Hirkala by Dr. Gray at the Women’s Health Clinic in Jackson, TN in October 2012 – Tuesday October 24 to be exact. It turned out to be one of the best introductions we ever made. During the first few weeks of NaProtracking charting, we had Skype sessions with Kathy every two weeks and she was amazing. Right from the beginning, her personality, approach and knowledge put us both so much at ease that it enabled us to get the maximum benefit from her consultations. Each time, we invariably ran over the allotted hour as Kathy was always so eager to understand us as a couple and to make sure we understood the approach, what we should be doing and why. She made sure that we were supporting each other through this time and was always there to take a phone call or respond to an email when needed. We were thrilled when after only 3 months of using the approach, we learned my wife was pregnant and I am 100% sure that working with Kathy played a major role in helping us achieve this. Her joyful response upon hearing our news was so genuine and personal, it only confirmed what a wonderful and supportive person Kathy is. She has the best interests of her clients at heart and we were so fortunate that we got to benefit from this."
-  Brendan and Noelle H.
 "My wife and I got married in November of 2012, and had been using the Creighton model about a full year prior, under the guidance of Kathy Hirkala of the FertilityCare Center of the Upper Ohio Valley. We continue to use the System in our marriage, and are satisfied not only in the results, but in the way that our practice of the System has allowed the sexual element of our marriage to be based on selflessness, teamwork, and the mutual commitment to achieving our family planning goals.
Kathy has been a pleasure to work with throughout our whole experience. Aside from her being so friendly, her expertise has helped us to be confident and informed users of this System. For this we're so grateful, because we'd really be lost without everything that she's taught us!"
-  Julie & Tim S.
  "My husband Ryan and I started charting at first to avoid pregnancy. My husband wanted to be married for a year before having childern. I found charting to be helpful for learning my body's natural rhythm and to be more in tune with my body. After a year my husband and I agreed that it was time to start trying to have children. It only took 2 months after changing our goal to acheive this. Now we will have a baby girl with us in June. I recommend this method to all married couples. It is easy and natural."
-  Kristin & Ryan S.
  "We are so grateful for the care and guidance we have received from Kathy and the Fertility Care Center. The Creighton Model with NaPro Technology has provided valuable insight into our fertility and alerted us to potentially serious health issues that we were never aware of nor educated about before. We feel blessed to have the Fertility Care Center as a resource on our journey and are looking forward to continuing our work together to discover what the future will bring."
-  Amy & Justin S.
 "My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over two years. I was seeing a fertility specialist, who kept telling us my case was unexplainable.  My husband and I did not want to use artificial methods to conceive.  It was an answer to our prayers that a friend suggested that we give the Creighton Model FertilityCare System a try.  We did just that. We went to a physician that practiced the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology. After our first visit with the physician, we realized that the Creighton Model Fertility Care System was the method for us. We were assigned a fertility care practitioner. She was in touch with us several times via telephone and Skype to teach us how to chart and see if we had any questions.  The fertility care practitioner was so caring and down to earth, easy to talk to, and accessible.  Charting was simple and this method was so inexpensive. It truly takes less than a minute each day to chart. Within a few months of seeing the physician, charting, and online visits with our practitioner, I was pregnant.  We were ecstatic!!!!  Our daughter was born on August 23, 2011.  She is truly a miracle and she brings us so much joy each day.  We still look at her and can’t believe she’s ours.  We are forever grateful for our practitioner, Kathy Hirkala and physician, Dr. J. Paul Gray. We tell everyone who is trying to conceive about Creighton Model FertilityCare System, Dr. Gray, and practitioner Kathy Hirkala." 
 Katie & Pat N.