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Let's Get Started!
Learning to chart with the CreightonFertilityCare™ System begins with a one-hour group Introductory Session. This Session gives a general overview of the System including how to begin making observations and how to chart. The actual teaching takes place at the private Follow-Up sessions provided by your professional FertilityCare™ Practitioner.  The Follow-Ups will help you gain confidence and allow your Practitioner to tailor the system to your specific needs. These Follow-Ups last approximately one hour. Your FertilityCare™ Practitioner is also available for email or telephone support as needed.
The Follow-Up sessions occur every two weeks for the first two months of charting. After that there is a longer time between Follow-Ups. There are a total of eight Follow-Ups over the course of a year.  Some situations may require more meetings. After the first year of charting subsequent follow-ups are recommended every six months.
Please contact the Center for current fees and payment policies.
No one is turned away due to an inability to pay. Please contact the Center for more information.
2021 Introductory Session Schedule
Please note:
Reservations are required to attend an Introductory Session.
All Introductory Sessions are held in the Hospitality Room or Children's Liturgy Room of St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Weirton, WV unless otherwise listed. If you are unable to attend one of these Introductory Sessions please contact us to make other arrangements.
*Introductory Sessions may be held virtually depending on Covid 19 pandemic.

Thursday        January 14           7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker

Thursday        February 11          7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker

Thursday         March 11             7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker  

Thursday          April 8                7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker  

Thursday          May 13               7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker
Thursday         June 10               7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker
Thursday          July 8                 7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker   
Thursday         August 12            7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker
Thursday      September 9           7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker

Thursday          October 7           7:00 p.m.          St. Joseph the Worker