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Creighton ModelFertilityCare™ Practitioner and Instructor Certificate Program
The FertilityCare™ Practitioner Program is a one year program and prepares students to teach the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System to women and couples from any reproductive category.
The Program consists of:
·    Two Education Phases
·    Two Supervised Practica
·    On site visit by a faculty Supervisor
·    National Standardized final exam
The FertilityCare™ Instructor Program  is a 6-month program and prepares students to teach the basic method to women and couples of most reproductive categories. Instructors must work under a FertilityCare™ Practitioner.
The Program consists of:
·    One Education Phase
·    One Supervised Practica
·    National Standardized final exam
Education Phase I (EP1) is an 8 day total immersion educational experience that prepares the intern to teach the  CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System. Supervised Practicum I (SPI) begins with the successful completion of EPI. At this time the student is given all the teaching materials they need to teach 6 client couples. Practitioners and Instructor Interns begin establishing their centers and teaching the FertilityCare™ System as soon as they return home from EP I. During the next six months a faculty member will supervise them through an innovative system of long distance assignments, phone calls, and problem solving tools.
With successful completion of SPI the FertilityCare™ Practitioner Intern will return for Education Phase II (EPII) where they explore Advanced Issues in the  FertilityCare™ System, Advanced Case Management, Pregnancy Evaluations and Comprehensive Case Reviews.
After successful completion of EPII the FertilityCare™ Practitioner Intern  again returns home to continue teaching and complete the requirements of Supervised Practicum II (SPII).  Sometime during SPII their faculty supervisor will conduct a Site Visit at the student’s home location. When these requirements are complete the Practitioner Intern will qualify to take the national standardized final exam. This exam is proctored in the student’s home location. Upon completion of the program the student will receive a certificate as a FertilityCare™ Practitioner or FertilityCare™ Instructor from the FertilityCare™ Center of the Upper Ohio Valley, Inc.
Applicant Eligibility
Those eligible for the FertilityCare™ Practitioner Program are:
· Registered Nurses with current licenses
· Allied Health Professionals with BA or BS degree:
¨       Health or Basic Sciences
¨       Behavioral Sciences
¨       Education
¨       Other non-health fields are also individually           
· Associate Degree/Diploma such as:
¨        Licensed Practical Nurse
¨        Human Services Practitioner
¨        Equivalent of two years college study
Further eligibility criteria requires that the applicant(s) practice (use) the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System or, if single and celibate, monitor their natural fertility and be a philosophical acceptor of the System.
Costs and Fees
The costs for the entire  program: are:
· Tuition:   Includes entire 13 month tuition for both education phases.  Call for current cost.
· Books and Materials Fees
· Client Teaching Supplies: approximately $450.00 for the 18 clients necessary to complete the program. The cost of these materials can be  reimbursed  through client fees.
· Additional Costs:  On-Site Visit conducted at  the student’s location during Supervised Practicum II. These costs include travel and hotel room for one night for the supervisor and are payable at the time of the site visit.
· Students are responsible for their Room and Board expenses.
Advanced educational materials, books, and study guides are sent to the student when they have been accepted into the program. It is recommended that this process begins as soon as possible to allow the student the time needed to prepare for Education Phase I.
Continuing Education Credits
Continuing Education credits for nurses are available through the  FertilityCare™ Center of the Upper Ohio Valley, Inc..
Provider #WV1997-0151RN
The FertilityCare™ Center of the Upper Ohio Valley, Inc. Creighton Model FertilityCare™ Practitioner Education Program is accredited by the
American Academy of FertilityCare™  Professionals and abides by its Standards. Upon completion  of the Program our graduates will be eligible to apply for certification through the Academy.